On guest's request, Tanzania best Safaris will including all the local flights from destination to destination during the holiday. Here guests are to mention whether they need assistance in booking for local flight, especially the flight from mainland to Zanzibar or Pemba. However, the company can also assist the client to book their international flight by taking them to the up booking offices.

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Tanzania best safaris allow a client to have two payment options, where a client can deposit 30% of the total amount while booking and complete payments on their arrival. They can also pay in full while booking, however this is not much recommended. Under some circumstances our clients can carry their cash and do the payment on their arrival. Payment done in either deposit or total payment is highly recommended allowing the company to arrange and make booking especially for accommodation. The deposited amount should be 30% of the total payment. In case the clients have paid in full before arrival and is in need of refund of the paid amount, we will consider the cancellation policy of the booked accommodation and activities. Clients can pay via bank transfer, credit card and cash on arrival.

Tanzania Best Safaris advice all travelers to comply with visa requirements which are necessary for their travel to Tanzania. This goes with the recommendation of following up the visa booking to Tanzania embassies in their country.

Considering the fact that, there are miscellaneous and unexpected events before, during and/or after their holiday, Tanzania Best Safaris recommend it's clients to take the best precaution by having adequate insurance, that will cover all the predictable events during their holiday. Henceforth, Tanzania Best Safaris is not liable for insurance coverage such as Medical insurance and travel insurance. However, first aid services are always provided in case needed.

Tanzania Best Safari include all types of accommodation for client’s holiday being safaris, mountain trekking/ climbing, Beach Holidays and the rest of the activities offered. Our Safari accommodations are Camping, tented campsites and lodges. Beach Holiday accommodation includes, Resorts, hotel, bungalow and lodge. Mountain trekking/climbing (Kilimanjaro Mountain). There are hotels and lodges in town whereby camping huts are available during the climb. However accommodations in cities are mainly hotel and lodges.

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